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Iraq is for sale.

Petroleum Geologist Colin Campbell predicted the war against Iraq years before it happened. How did he know? Peak Oil.

It Was Always About Oil

Peak Oil describes the phenomenon that oil is a limited commodity, and that at some point any given oil resource will reach a peak, and then decline. Campbell points out that oil has peaked everywhere except in the Middle East.

Cheaper Gas

Yes, Virginia, it is about oil. And empire. And settling old scores.

Oil Wars For The Wealthy

G.W. Bush once let slip his deep passion for destroying Saddam Hussein. "He tried to kill my dad" said Bush. Yes, Saddam was evil. But so is killing and maiming tens of thousands of civilians for political or personal reasons.

Depleted Uranium. Cluster bombs. Unexploded ordinance. War is hell. Many americans do not realize that the dying continues after the shooting stops.

Are We The Terrorists?

Children are the most likely victims.

This is one of my most popular posters. Credit goes entirely to the great photo that we borrowed from PI.

Sanctions Equal Death

The UN sanctions were considered responsible for the deaths of half a million children by 1999 (official UNICEF report). This is utterly unforgiveable, and in my mind, unforgettable. If someone attacked our children in this way, we'd move the moon to get back at them.

Priorities Straight?

Obsession Explained is another popular poster which became a camera magnet at rallies. Channel Two News filmed it, i didn't see if it was aired.

Obsession Explained

It will be interesting to see which of the dire predictions collected in this poster will prove true. Credit for the text goes to the Midland anti-war folks.

Do We Really Want To Occupy Iraq...?

This series of four posters has been quite popular. I've been told they were once displayed in Lafayette Park across from the Whitehouse.

Beneath Our Bombs 1

Beneath Our Bombs 2

Beneath Our Bombs 3

Beneath Our Bombs 4

Approximately 5,000 protested against the pending war on October 26, 2002. This poster probably brought a few of them.

Bush Jet

Students on the Auraria Campus have taken a leading role in protesting the war.

Auraria Walkout

Stand Against War

Bush and Allard are peas in a pod.

Bush Allard Poster

Sometimes humor helps.

Bush and the World's Oil Supply

A soldier with three wishes...

Gas Can Genie


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