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Coalminer's Widow

by richard myers


IWW Poetry

Coalminer's Widow




She's just sitting now in silence
As she looks out through the lace
Of the yellowed kitchen curtains
That cast shadows on her face.

As she softly sips her coffee,
She just can't suppress a sigh
For the memories are lingering
On a moment now gone by.

She was working as a waitress,
Just a young lass fresh and fair
When her heart first went a-flutter
For the young man dining there.

She remembers he was friendly;
She remembers she was shy.
And that summer they were married--
My oh my! How time does fly.

How they worked to raise a family,
Honest worker, faithful wife!
But the black lung came to visit
And it finally took his life.

She again regrets her anger
At the coal dust he'd track in,
And she'd gladly have him dirty
If he'd just come home again.

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