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Coal Mining in Colorado

The history of coal mining in Colorado is dramatic and rich.

While much of the country was experiencing industrialization, Colorado's mining companies imposed feudalism. Coal mining in Colorado was dangerous, with a death rate approximately twice the national average.

The best known "incident" was the Ludlow Massacre.


Slaughter in Serene, the 1927 strike.

Read about Flaming Milka.


More about the Columbine Massacre.




Coal Mining in Colorado


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The Victor American Fire at the Hastings mine.

The Hastings marker. One hundred and twenty one died.


The Columbine Massacre dead were buried in Lafayette. The city has some nice photos on their website. (offsite)

On January 20, 1936, a blast believed to have been caused when a spark ignited coal dust, killed eight men working the night shift in the Monarch Mine No. 2.

The Monarch No. 2 Coal Mine Memorial (offsite)

This page from the Denver Library includes files about Colorado mining fatalities (offsite)

The people who went underground, Trinidad area. (offsite)

Coal mining in Golden and Jefferson County (offsite,) includes Horrible Disaster at the White Ash, 1889, also note, "the owners refused to contribute anything," 1895 web links and photo collection for Coal mining--Colorado (offsite)

Emma Langdon was a remarkable woman from the Cripple Creek era. Check out this link (possibly temporary): The Cripple Creek Strike (offsite)

The Western Federation of Miners had a dramatic history (offsite)

Images of Coal on an industry website, Lakewood, Colorado source (offsite)

Coal Mine Fires including Colorado

Cyndi's Mining List (offsite)

Life in the Mines The Life of the Immigrant Miner (offsite)

Glossary of coal mining terms (offsite)

Commemorate coal miners with postage stamps! (offsite)

Turn of the (previous) century coal mining machinery, Ohio (offsite)

Pictoral essay on coal mining in the 19th-century United States (Ohio State, offsite)

Miners' Memorials

Labor Heritage Landmarks

MSHA Memorials and Museums in Colorado

MSHA Memorials and Museums, index

Worldwide coal mining links (offsite)

Great mining site from the U.K.

Coal Mining in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era (offsite)

Pennsylvania coal links (offsite)

Abandoned Coal Mine Research (offsite)


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