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IWW Disclaimer

I do not in any sense, nor does this site in any manner speak for the organization that is called the Industrial Workers of the World on the issue of war.

While members of the organization have never supported a capitalist war, and some in the organization have been very vocal in opposition, even to the extent of giving their lives for their anti-war beliefs, there have been differing opinions on whether the organization should make active opposition central to its purpose.

During and after World War I, the government used I.W.W. opposition to that war as an excuse to brutally attack the union in an action that became known as the Palmer Raids.

Some believe that organizing on the job is the best strategy for ultimately doing away with capitalist war.

Thus, the fact that this website embraces anti-war and anti-globalization beliefs and the organization that is called the Industrial Workers of the World is entirely due to my own proclivities. I take full and personal responsibility for the material that is presented here.

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