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The Right To Dissent

Do you have the right to dissent from the opinions expressed on this website?

Of course you do. If we use the United States Constitution as our guide, you have the right to dissent from these views just as you have the right to dissent from actions of your own government.

We generally call that freedom of speech.

However, a more important question is: do you have the knowledge to dissent?

Here is a one-question quiz to test that knowledge.

What is CoIntelPro?

If you are the statistically typical American, you won't know the answer. This isn't a boast or a gloat, it is simple fact.

CoIntelPro is the single most important civil rights issue. All civil rights stem from freedom of speech, and CoIntelPro (and similar ongoing programs) represent the biggest threat to freedom of speech throughout the history of this nation.

Yet most citizens are totally unaware of the name of the program, let alone have knowledge of the astonishing abuses in the program itself.

Seek knowledge. Then dissent wisely.



The Right To Dissent



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