Babblefish Translation of Russian Article on Dumpster Divers

Americans jailed for half a year for stealing from the garbage

Americans they planted on half a year for the theft from the slop-container In Colorado two Americans they sentenced to six months of the imprisonment for the theft from the slop-container, reports The Steamboat Pilot. On 26 June of 2ya-khletniy Of dzhil' Charle also of 2"-miletniy David siller they climbed over the fence of supermarket after his closing. They approached the debris containers, where they collected rotten fruits. However, when Dzhil' and David climbed over back, them noted the passer-by, who immediately reported into the police. On the same night the men were arrested on the charge in the theft. The owner of the supermarket, with which was connected the police, insisted so that the pilferers they would not release, until it does verify, everything is entire inside the commercial hall. Soon owner explained that the night pilferers completely did not penetrate inside its store. It rang into the section even he stated that the disturbers were guilty only in the penetration to the particular territory, which assumes several days of corrective labor. However, the attorney, who supervised, he stated that it was intended to punish pilferers on the entire strictness of law, in order to tax the example to others. The request of the owner of store to spare cobiratele1 rubbish accuser ignored. As a result the attorney attained imprisonment for Dzhilya and David. Furthermore, they are obligated to pay penalty into 15 dollars to the owner of supermarket. However, the demand of accuser to force pilferers by itself to pay his content in the prison (42 dollars during the day) judge deflected. References on the theme


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