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In Colorado...

3 November Movement

American Friends Service Committee in Colorado

Alternative Radio

Argus, Artistic Expression for Human Rights

Alter-Native Voices

Arvada Peace and Justice Commission


Barrio Warriors

Boog, northern Colorado website (best with broadband)

Big Ox Tech Collective

Boulder Weekly

Bread and Roses Workers' Cultural Center


Breakdown has closed, but the website still exists.


Brother Jeff

Buy Blue Colorado

Café Rebelión, Colorado support for Chiapas, Mexico

Carol For Peace - Social Justice Activist in Denver

Carpenters Local 1068


The Center On Rights Development

Chinook Fund

Citizens Project

Civic Satisfaction, a listing of political discussions, meetings, debates, forums, rallies, events.

Civil Rights Now

Code Pink Colorado

Colorado AFL-CIO

Colorado AIM

Coloradans for Immigrant Rights

Coloradoans For Voting Integrity

Colorado Anti-Violence Program

Colorado Association of Non-Profit Organizations (CANPO)

Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition

Colorado Indymedia


Colorado Campaign for Middle East Peace


Colorado Center on Law and Policy

Colorado Citizens for Accountability

Colorado Coalition for the Prevention of Nuclear War

Colorado Communities for Justice and Peace (CCJP)

Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition

Colorado CURE An Effort to Reduce Crime Through Criminal Justice Reform

Colorado Federation of Public Employees

Colorado Food Not Bombs

Colorado Genetic Engineering Action Network

Colorado Greens

Colorado Hip Hop Coalition

Colorado Jews for a Just Peace

Colorado Jobs With Justice

Colorado Lawyers' Committee for when Shakespeare's advice fails

Colorado Media Reform

Colorado National Organization for Women

Colorado Progressives

The Colorado Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Colorado Progressive Coalition

Colorado Springs Action Alliance

Colorado Veterans for America

Colorado Veterans for Peace

Colorado Wild

Colorado Women's Agenda

Communications Workers of America Local 7777 Englewood

Community Resource Center Success Strategies for Non-profit Organizations

Creative Resistance and the Radical Cheerleaders

Democracy For Colorado, the Howard Dean group

Democratic Socialists of America

Denver Copwatch

Denver Justice and Peace Committee

Denver Socialists

Denver Voice of the homeless

Denver Zine Library

Derailer Bicycle Collective

El Centro Amistad

El Centro Humanitario Denver's Humanitarian Center for Immigrant Day Laborers

Escuela Tlatelolco, school for Latino/Indigenous youth

Fairbucks Fort Collins

Four Winds American Indian Project

Friends and Families of the Imprisoned

Global Response Environmental Action and Education Network

Growing Gardens sustainable community, Boulder

Health Care For All Colorado

Hotel and Restaurant Employees Local 14

The Human Bean Company

Intercambio de Comunidades

Interfaith Alliance of Colorado


Ladyfest Out West

Latino/a Research & Policy Center

Left Hand Books

Lefty Blogs of Colorado

Loretto Community

Longmont Citzens for Justice and Democracy

MADCOW-- Making A Difference, Coloradans Opposed to War

Main Street Free Press, an independent voice in Longmont

The Mercury Cafe

Mothers Acting Up

Mountain Forum for Peace


National Association of Working Women Colorado Chapter

Natural Law Party of Colorado

New Foundations, breaking the chains of violence

Pan African Arts Society and Café Nuba

Peacemaker Institute Colorado


Peace Jam


People's Cafes / Progressive Cafes


Planned Parenthood of Colorado

Progress Now

Progress Now Action


This site, Rebel Graphics


REACT -- Renter Education Association of Colorado Tenants

Revoluciones Collective Art Space

Riot Grrrl Denver

Roaring Fork Peace Coalition

Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center


Rocky Mountain Media Watch


Rocky Mountain Progressive Network

Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence

Secure World Foundation

SEIU Local 105 in Colorado

Sierra Club Rocky Mountain Chapter


Southwest Colorado Peace & Justice Coalition

Sox Place for Denver's street kids, semi-religious


Stop Wal-Mart in Colorado (See additional Wal-Mart links below)


Strength Through Peace (Fort Collins)

Su Teatro, Your Theatre

Talk Left the politics of crime

ThirdTablet Dot Com

3 November Movement

Time Exchange


Transform Columbus Day


Two Spirit Society of Denver

United To Keep Rocky Flats Closed

Uproot! Fort Collins


Visualized Film Festival


Voters Network Pikes Peak Region

Vox Feminista

Wage Peace Now

Watershed School for 9th and 10th graders

Westminster Freedom Report (Libertarian)

Witness For Peace

Women's International League for Peace and Fredom (WILPF)

Wood Pushers (Skate-boarders)

World Visionary (Mark Sweitzer, People's Cafes etc.)

Youth Leaders In Action

Additional Links

Colorado Luis, with Colorado blog links

Colorado Community Calendars

Denverevolution Community Calendar

Rocky Mountain Progressive Network Calendar

KGNU schedule and calendar

Civic Satisfaction, a listing of political discussions, meetings, debates, forums, rallies, events.

Breakdown community space

Events and meetings for the Colorado Campaign for Middle East Peace

Upcoming events for Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center

Peace and Justice Calendar of Events from the American Friends Service Committee

Campus Activism (national includes local events)

New section: bad companies!

Troy Melquist and RedCellX

Protecting Local Communities from Corporate Takeovers (like Wal-Mart)

Wal-Mart Retail Forward

Stop Wal-Mart in Colorado

Colorado Springs, Monument area

Longmont Citizens for Justice and Democracy

Stop the Sprawl-Mart Super Center, Longmont, old website

Colorado Sprawl Action Center

Sprawl Busters

Residents United for Thornton in Thornton, Colorado

Save Arvada's Lake, Say No To Wal-Mart

Stop Elitch Wal-Mart

Councilman Rick Garcia, Elitch Wal-Mart District

Denver Stop Wal-Mart Meet-up

About Wal-Mart

Sprawl Watch Clearinghouse

Store Wars-- When Wal-Mart Comes To Town (PBS)

Against The Wal

Wake Up Wal-Mart

Good Jobs First, "the definitive Community Defense Manual for every citizen who wants to stop corporations from looting the public treasury"


independent america

Wal-Mart, the high cost of low price

Wal-Mart Watch

Is Wal-Mart Good For America? PBS

Wal-Mart "facts" from the company

Wal-Mart's Propaganda Campaign In Colorado

Get Active

Contact the Media

Media Email Addresses superlist

Worker Cooperatives

History of Work Cooperation in America

IWW or IWW/Related

IWW Main Site

Compesina/o Collective

Utah Phillips

Workers' Cultural Center

Jim Crutchfield's I. W. W. Page

Lair of the Hunter Bear

Wobbly and Other Union Music

More IWW links

Labor and Union

Student Farmworker Alliance


Techs Unite Fighting two tier wage discrimination

Labor Left News


LabourStart Jobs

LabourStart TV

Union Jobs Clearinghouse

Union Resources at

Spirit Of America Bookstore (IWW books & history)

Truckers Unite!

LabourStart Music

Labor Beat, Labor TV and Radio

Community Labor News

The Association for Union Democracy

The Labor Educator

The Joe Hill Dispatch

rank and file afl-cio

Benson's Union Democracy Blog

Labor's Militant Voice, a socialist website

General Strikes throughout the world

CONTEMPORARY LABOR BIBLIOGRAPHY, writings by labor activists over the past decade

Job Watch

The International Labor Communications Association

Workers Independent News Service (WINS) at

Northland Poster Collective for buttons, stickers, mouse pads, more

Union Communication Services for union guides, packets, training

Support a Stamp for Coal Miners

Community and Labor Report, comprehensive list of links

SEIU, Justice For Janitors

Stec's Labour Links

Coalition of Immokalee Workers

Working Class Movies on this site

Working Class Literature on this site

Workplace Fairness

Working TV

Bring The Ruckus

Kim Scipes Contemporary Labor Bibliography

Blue Collar Review, working class poetry

Labor Links, comprehensive!

Economic issues

What you should know about GREED


Dollars and Sense


Too Much, a commentary on excess and inequality, tracking executive compensation

Compare Executive Pay to Yours (a Change To Win site)

Thomas Palley

Worker-friendly Economists (a truly rare species)

David Ellerman

Enlightened marxists

Richard D. Wolff

True Cost Economics

Ralph E. Gomory theorized that free trade creates losers as well as winners

Paul A. Samuelson, a mainstream economist with some interesting observations

Where are you on the political spectrum?

The Political Compass

Off-shoring-- jobs sent overseas (focus on high tech jobs)

On Shore Alternatives

Techs Unite


Displaced Techies

Unemployed Workers

Citizens Trade Campaign

Job Watch

Outsourced America

CWA Outsourcing Blog

Fucked Company

Processed World from working class dissidents

Searchable Layoff Reports

Important Contemporary Videos

The Corporation

Fahrenheit 9/11 (Michael Moore)

American Jobs

The Day After Tomorrow — fiction that provokes a reality check

CONTROL ROOM, A Film about Iraq War journalism by Jehane Noujaim

Film Websites

Lost Film Festival

Visualized Film Festival

Present Tense Films (Boulder)


Teach With Movies has a few good videos to recommend, they need more

First Run Icarus Films, source of documentaries

Anti-war and working class music...

The Flames of Discontent Wobbly Music!


David Rovics


Len Wallace

Watermelon Slim and the Workers blues band

Rage Against The Machine

Protest Records

System Of A Down

David Rovics

Sweatshop Union




George and Julius

George and Julius are wonderful friends with a special place in my heart.

Attila the Stockbroker

Complex Numbers

Bad Religion

Shannon Murray

Wobbly and other union music

Media monitors

Center for Media & Public Affairs

Rocky Mountain Media Watch

Make Them Accountable

Press Action

Media Monitors Network

Editor & Publisher

Project Censored

Colorado Media Reform

MediaLens, British (and excellent!)

Today's front pages

Information should be free

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Infoshop Wiki (new, anarchist oriented)

The Electronic Frontier Foundation

Colorado Media

Colorado In Print

Websites in general...

the exquisite corpse

Chernobyl photos of a disaster

Left Business Observer


Common Dreams

The NewStandard a project of PeoplesNetWorks

Center for Digital Democracy

Media Reform Network

The Memory Hole



Tom Dispatch

S. Brian Willson

Howard Zinn

Industrial Workers of the World

United Native America


The Daily Enron

Citizen Works


The Nation

From The Wilderness

Narco News

Citizens for Legitimate Government


Between The Lines Weekly Radio Newsmagazine

Yellow Times Alternative New and Views

Eric Alterman

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Iraq Occupation Watch

Veterans against the Iraq war, and related

American Gulf War Veterans Association

Vietnam Veterans Against the War

Veterans For Peace

Veterans for Common Sense

Tom Flocco

Operation Truth

Military Project

Traveling Soldier

Veterans Equal Rights Protection Advocacy


David Rovics, click on "counter-recruitment"

Yahoo counter-recruitment discussion group

Live search for "counter-recruitment"

Other progressive graphic design websites


Denver Doll Design


Justice Design

Graphic Alliance (Resources for Progressive Causes)

Independent TV Media

WorldLink TV

Free Speech TV

(They're wobs!)

Deep Dish TV Network

Progressive and Liberal Radio

Democracy Now!

Workers Independent News

The White Rose Society, "Fighting The Rise Of The New Fascism"

Radio Power Network

Outrage Radio


Prometheus Low Power Radio Project

Air America Radio

Denver Radio Sucks

Capitol Underground Radio

TUC Radio

High Country Community Radio Coalition

Some interesting blogs

Daily Kos

Talking Points Memo Cafe

Eschaton (also known as Atrios)

Fight to Survive, anti-war soldiers' blog

Critical Montages

American Samizdat


New Media Musings


Kurt Nimmo

The Black Commentator

F This Job

Jason Gooljar's Blog

Fun With Bush

Angry Candy

Here are websites i'm checking out

United Students Against Sweatshops

Co-op America — Ending Sweatshops and Promoting Fair Trade

Global Exchage — building people to people ties

Mothers Acting Up

Media Channel

The Center for Media and Democracy

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting

The Progressive Populist




The Artists Network (Refuse and Resist)

Emotional Literacy Education and Self-Knowledge

Information Clearinghouse


Media Whores Online

Tree Sit

Michael Parenti

Center for Research on Globalization

Peak Oil

Center for Cooperative Research

Online Journal

The Center for Public Integrity

Guerrilla News Network


Mad Cow Morning News


Strike The Root

Globalisation News

Robbie Conal's Art Attack

Institute for Global Communications

Granny D

The Foundation for Taxpayer & Consumer Rights (FTCR)

Establishment Progressives

Center for American Progress

Native American

Colorado American Indian Movement

Indigenous Action Media

Eagle Thunder, New Mexico


Lair of the Hunter Bear

Indian Country

Two Spirit Society of Denver

The Indian Trust lawsuit

Indian Trust

Bold Tongue's Native American Links

Palestine/Israel and Middle East


The Electronic Intifada

Middle East Times

Israeli Palestinian Conflict NewsTrove

P10K Force


Informed Comment (Juan Cole)

Iraq NewsTrove

Iraq Links

Some websites of activists i've met or worked with

The Walk For Democracy

Liberal (ack!) websites

Move On

Tom Paine

People for the American Way

Campaign for America's Future

I consider voting records of Congress important, but not the most important area for activism by working people. My own view is that organizing and using economic leverage is likely to *ULTIMATELY* be FAR more effective than exercising political leverage. There are many reasons for this, but the simplest one is this: the corporations can always outspend us.

That said, i note that this view is not shared by the dominant labor federation, the AFL-CIO. They spend a lot of time lobbying Congress on working people's issues, and i'm glad that someone does.

So i look to the AFL-CIO for information on congressional voting records, and favorability to working people.

Congressional Voting Records, AFL-CIO

Election links

The Campaign Desk


How did your congressperson vote?

Open Secrets, Your Guide to the Money in U.S. Elections

Alternative Media Streaming Sources:

Democracy Now

Vancouver Cooperative Radio

Alternative Radio


Free Speech Radio

BBC World Service

KGNU Morning Magazine

Websites i'm not yet sure about


Populist/libertarian websites that have some very good ideas that i like, and a few ideas that i don't like at all

Lew Rockwell

Info Wars

New York Times search page

ABC's The Note

Frivolous, but fun — a solution to the vanishing ninja puzzle


My Favorite Links



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