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Ludlow Massacre videos, coal mining videos. This list is not comprehensive, nor have all of these been evaluated. If you have additions, more information, corrections or reviews, please send them to me.





A Walk Through the 20th Century with Bill Moyers: Out of the Depths - The Miners’ Story - Video Cassette - 55 minutes - Color - 1984


"Coal Project", three one-hour video documentaries on the history of western coal miners, Margolis,


The Life of the Western Coal Miner. A series produced for public broadcast. Boulder, CO: Institute of Behavioral Science. Episode I: "Toil and Rage in a New Land," 60 minutes, broadcast KBDI, Broomfield, CO, 1980. Episode II: "Out of the Depths," 60 minutes, 1981. Episode III: "Hard Times, Soft Coal," 60 minutes, 1984.


Out of Darkness: The Mine Workers' Story, a 90-minute documentary produced by Cabin Creek Films for the United Mine Workers of America Centennial Convention, September 17-26, 1990.


Coal Mining as a Way of Life: Three Documents, 60 minute videotape. "Hard Times, Soft Coal," "Black Lung," and "Coal Miners Look at Strip Mining," Colorado Humanities Program (1979).


Colorado Coal Field War Project video about the excavation


Bullet Bargaining at Ludlow (Ludlow massacre)


"Ludlow Massacre" (Documentary)...Team Colorado Productions


Other coal mining videos...

Between Rock and a Hard Place

A Film by Kenneth Fink

Beautifully shot in the Blue Ridge Mountains, BETWEEN ROCK AND A HARD PLACE reveals the fears, frustrations, and hardships on the lives of three coal miners in Appalachia, illuminating the human side of these resilient, strong, and proud men.

"[BETWEEN ROCK AND A HARD PLACE] fills an important gap in American labor studies." - Randy Lawrence, West Virginian Coal Life Project

"An important film for those in the fields of labor studies and industrial relations as it portrays what work in America can do to the mind and the body." - Kenneth Dix, Professor of Labor History, West Virginia University

"An eloquent document about the nature and meaning of work in this country." - Studs Terkel

** Best of Category, 1982 San Francisco Film Festival
** 1981 CINE Golden Eagle

58 minutes / color / 1981


"Coal Camp Kids" Documentary $24.95


"Even the Heavens Wept" PBS account of the massive coal miners strike in West Virginia after WWI


"Coalmining Women"


"Harlan County USA." The use of corporate power and violence to intimidate coal miners' strike in the 1970s


"Matewan" The Movie


"Stories From the Mines" $19.99 Video (VHS)



Coal Mining in Colorado and other coal mining links


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