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Set It Right

Friend, have ya walked the city streets
Among the grasping poor,
Have ya looked up at the corporate wealth
Then slept against a door?
Didja see the wino with his sack
A'tryin' to kill the pain,
The gaffer with a pencil cup
A'tappin' with his cane?

Have ya walked the unemployment line
That twists around the block
With hungry workers on the street
With nothing left to hock?
Do ya know the inner city kids
With gangs their likely fate,
Or the pre-teen girls on the street
A'lookin' for a date?

Have ya sat upon the bus stop bench
And let the bus go past,
And laughed, because ya used to think
That you were "middle class"?
Have ya wished ya had a warmer coat
To get ya through the night,
Do ya think that we will ever see
The day they set it right?

--richard myers



Set It Right




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