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All clickable graphic links within these pages are accompanied by a clickable text link.

There are two types of navigation menus, top-level and sub-level.

Top-level pages have the top-of-page orange images, and menus that look like this:

Each menu button on a top-level page links to all other top-level pages (or sends email).


Sub-level pages have menus that look like this:

...and have no background image.

This page is a sub-level page.

Both types of menus can quickly be accessed from any page by pressing the END key on the keyboard.


Offsite links currently do not open a new browser window.

Users of Windows operating systems have the ability to launch a new window by right-clicking on a link.

I have attempted to identify linked documents that are off-site like this:

link (off-site)

I haven't yet accomplished this on all pages.

Splash Screen

The old splash screen is here. Splash screens have fallen out of favor.






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