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Ms. Roesink is the district attorney. Kerry St. James, the assistant district attorney (ADA) works for her. Ms. Roesink holds an elected position.

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I went to the commisioners meeting this A.M. Ms. Roesink was indignant in that she accused the press of distorting the "facts" (or not knowing them) and then let the little man (Kerry) recite the police reports. When he was done the co-owner of the Sweet Pea clearly said that the next day he and his co-partner discovered that the store had not been broken into and that only "pig food" had been taken. He and his co-partner did not return a victim witness form thinking that by so doing that it would indicate that they did not wish to prosecute. Ms. Rosink informed him that it was a fault on their part as they should have said so in writing. Mistakenly, Ms. Roesink said that victim rights only applies in assaultive crimes and not proprerty crimes. She should read the Colorado Constitution Article II, section (16)(a). After Kerry was through with his defense of his conduct the co-owner of the Sweet Pea spoke and stated that he called Kerry once he heard what the offer was and told him that he did NOT want these young men criminally prosecuted and go to jail. He stated that community service would be appropriate. He stated that Kerry said that he would make an example out of these young men to which Kerry angerly shouted that what he said was that he would make an example to the community (which he said was the way he saw his job and the "victim" be damned in so many words.)

The conduct of Kerry is typical of the way he abuses the power of his office. Recently since being rejected in his bid to become the next District Court Judge (can you imagine his abuse of that power in that position ??) he is worse that ever. Can you imagine that?? Additionally, since taking office some 8 to 10 or more lawyers have left the DA's Office. I suggest that this is due to Ms. Roesink's incompetent "leadership" and Kerry mis-placed authority. Why doesn't Ms. Roesink handle cases? Her predecisors did. Why on earth does she do and why does she need a personal assistant??

It is time for Kerry to go and Bonnie to be recalled. No way will she be relected if she runs again. Too many burned bridges.

(posted by) Peabody85
September 5, 2006 at 1:49 p.m.

Jonathon Hieb, the shop owner at Sweet Pea where the dumpster is located, responds:

I wanted to comment earlier but I needed some time to collect my thoughts after the commisioners meeting this morning. This is Jonathon Hieb, co-owner of Sweet Pea, speaking on my behalf and that of Katherine Zambrana. Katherine is very upset and not wanting to comment at this time.

First of all I just want to apologize for me loosing my temper, I hope it did'nt offend anyone, I just felt like I really needed to hold my ground.

Basically what I got from the meetig was that ADA St. James prosecuted the case as such because of our police report from the night of the incident. The police report from the night of the incident does state that we wanted to press charges to the fullest extent possible, we have never denied this nor do we now. What the DA's don't want to talk about is that once we had time to do a complete inspection of the store we came to the conclusion that these guys did not steal anything of value and only commited trespassing. We then decided not to pursue the charges. We then made a decision to not fill out the proper paper work in order to press charges, thinking this thing would go away and these guys might get some community service. Two weeks later thier attorney informed me that the DA was giving them choice of a felony or jail time. I was blown away by this information and immediately contacted ADA St. James and told him I did not agree with these punishments. And thats when St. James told me he was going to send a message and make an example out of this case. So, in closing my feelings are that the DA's only want to talk about the police report, making SweetPea look responsable for all of this and do not want to discuss my conversation with St.James saying we do not agree with the punishment options.

(posted by) Jonathon
September 5, 2006 at 3:03 p.m.

Just one last thing, I'm very sorry for not being more prudent and forceful in not pressing charges, this is my mistake and I take full responsabilty for it. Let's see if some other people can take responsabilty for thier mistakes.

Sincerely, Jonathon Hieb

(posted by) Jonathon
September 5, 2006 at 3:10 p.m.

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