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Truckers Unite!

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The end date of the Port/Rail truck drivers' strike is past, but the struggle continues.

Things are going downhill fast for working folk, we need to make a stand. Together.

This website offers support to truck drivers in any joint activities they may choose to pursue, with graphic images and links. But i do not in any way set policy or make decisions for truckers.

I'm an old time activist, i participated in the independent truck drivers' shutdown in 1973— it was me that provided portable base station radio communications at (then) Tomahawk Brighton in Colorado.

But i'm out of touch, and some of you fellows and gals put on more miles bumpin' tires than i've spent driving anything.

So i ask for feedback from truckers on the graphics that i create.

I strongly recommend that truckers join the Truckers Unite Yahoo newsgroup, or some other forum to keep in touch with each other.

You folks need to build a movement, and a lot of us in the general public are happy to help.

—richard myers







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The following link to the Truckers Unite! Yahoo email list.



Truckers Unite! Yahoo Email List

I.W.W. Solidarity Link

Note: the I.W.W. supports independent truckers.

The shutdown was not called by the I.W.W., it was called by the independent truckers themselves.

Truckers' Resources

Truckers Unite! Yahoo Email List

The Port Trucker Yahoo Email List, appears to be Teamsters dominated

The RoundTable

Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association (includes fleet owners)

Journal of Commerce Online, boss news

The Trucker news

Teamsters Links, Rank-and-File and Reform Websites (AUD)

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