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Anti-globalization Posters and Artwork

Techs Unite is an organization of high tech workers concerned about jobs disappearing.

The driving force behind the world's predominant economic system is greed. We think of the Enron fiasco as unique; it is not.

The New Corporate Relationship

There has been a history of fraud and scandal, frequently costing innocent people their investments and life-savings, since stocks were first conceived.

Looting The Corporation

Yet this is not the point.

The issue that should concern us more is that the economic system is unfair without any overt scandal. Indeed, to enlightened working folk the very machinations of the system are scandalous.

Our civilization is polluting the planet, wasting precious resources, and concentrating wealth while the number of people below the poverty line increases from year to year. Meanwhile corporations search the planet for the lowest wage and the least restrictive health, safety and environmental regulations.

Under globalization, international agreements supercede the environmental, health and safety laws of nation-states.

Rights to privacy and free speech erode under the sinister power of the security state. Those who speak out are branded traitors, criminal extremists, even terrorists. Dossiers are kept on private citizens, shared with other agencies and even other governments.

Ya Mighta Left Some For The Rest Of Us...

I don't expect anyone to automatically accept my assertions on these issues based upon what i write here; there is a huge body of information available on the World Wide Web for anyone who wishes to research globalization issues.

On two occasions (that i know of) the local Denver daily newspapers have commented on my work. One of those occasions was the ICC protest. Due in part to the graphic nature of this poster (and in spite of a letter i wrote to them predicting otherwise) the Denver papers conjured images of busloads full of anarchists arriving for the protest.

Well, OK. Maybe the poster conjured that image in the imaginations of newspaper editors. But what the poster depicts is exactly the opposite. The photographs on the poster show explicit examples of police violence against non-violent protesters. There was some destruction of property in Seattle, but the video This Is What Democracy Looks Like clearly demonstrates that Seattle 1999 was predominantly a police riot.

Remember Seattle


Here are two articles that i wrote at the time of the ICC protest.

We had a respectable and enjoyable protest and picnic that day.

ICC Rally

No buses arrived. The city of Denver spent $900,000 on concrete barriers and police overtime.

Here is some Post coverage pre-rally.

ICC News Coverage

What is not discussed is truth about Seattle. The agressive police response to a mostly peaceful protest exacerbated the situation. For the protest movement's view on what have widely been described as "police riots", see the video This Is What Democracy Looks Like (offsite link).


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