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Group description:

Email list for historians, working folk, artists, labor activists interested in preserving the memory of the Ludlow Massacre of 1914 in Colorado. List purpose is exploring the specific history of the incident, discussing issues related to the archeological dig, discussing issues related to restoring the monument after recent vandalism. Some discussion of the history of struggle and sacrifice by working folk. Some discussion of other memorials and sculptures that commemorate those struggles. Minor focus on the music, art or poetry celebrating those struggles.

This group will focus on the areas in which working folk and their history intersect. In other words, this list will necessarily discuss unions in a historical context, but will focus more on union history and how it relates to the struggle of working folk than on modern union efforts.

Participants can expect occasional references to capitalist abuses and exploitation, and some discussion of how the history of working folk relates to current struggles, but union proselytizing or marxist ideology will be discouraged on the list, and advocates will be asked to instead link to external resources.

Restoring the Ludlow Monument is the business of the United Mine Workers of America. This list is not in any way affiliated with their organization, and we are not directly involved in collection of funds toward that honorable effort.

I happen to be a union activist, but i also believe that we sometimes need a forum for community folks who are interested in the issues of working people, but do not wish to, or cannot join the union movement.

best wishes,
richard myers

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Original photo donated to the Colorado Historical Society.

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