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Wobbly and Other Union Music

Here is a tribute to Woodie Guthrie

The Music, the Songs

Little Red Songbook 1916

Songs from the Little Red Songbook

Len Wallace

The Catbox Times

Art and Music and the Labour Movement

Purchase IWW Music

John McCutcheon

Ann Feeney

Amazon "Also Buy" Link

New Wobbly Music (someone let me know if this music is any good...)

The Labor Heritage Foundation

Union Songs

Welcome to Labor Land

Trade Union Songs and Socialist Poetry

Union Songs (warning! popups!)

Songs of Woody Guthrie (warning! popups!)

The Class Struggle In Music And Art

Utah Phillips Lyrics

Sing We Sing (warning! popups!)

Working and Union Songs

Songs From The Mines

AFL-CIO Song Page



Union Music



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